Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hoy los alumnos de 2º y 3º de Primaria han dado preparado la celebración de la fiesta de Martin Luther King. Así lo han presentado en cada una de las clases:
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Hello, today is 21st January and we celebrate Martin Luther King’s day. We want to explain a summary of his life so that you know him.

The story of Martin Luther King Junior.
Every January we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Junior. Do you know why we remember him?
Martin was born in 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. His father was a preacher. His mother was a school teacher.
Martin liked going to school; he always did more than his teachers asked him to do.
Martin’s school was old and needed a lot of fixing but the school for the white children was new.
Martin and his mum and dad liked eating out but some restaurants would not serve them. Martin could not drink from all the water fountains, he had to find one with a sign that read ‘colored’. This made Martin feel angry, he wanted to go to the best school, he wanted to eat at any restaurant and he wanted to drink from any water fountain.
When Martin grew up he became a preacher. One day he spoke to more than 200.000 people.  He said ‘I have a dream that my four little children will not be judged by the colour of their skin’.
Martin made his dream come true. Now we can all eat at any restaurant, drink from any water fountain, go to any school and dream our dreams just like Martin Luther King Junior.


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